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Irving Materials, Inc. adds CarbonCure CO2 recycling technology to 15 ready mix concrete plants

On average, every cubic yard of concrete made by imi Concrete with the CarbonCure Technology will save 25 pounds of carbon dioxide (CO2), reducing the carbon footprint of concrete.

The CarbonCure Technology works by injecting recycled post-industrial CO2 into concrete during the manufacturing process. The CO2 undergoes a mineralization process that enhances the concrete’s compressive strength, which enables concrete producers to optimize concrete mixes without compromising the concrete’s quality or impacting its price.

“imi Concrete is a family-owned and community-oriented business,” states Bob Haldrup, imi North Division President. “We are proud and humbled to provide the high-quality concrete products that make up the structural backbone of our communities. imi Concrete has been at the forefront of concrete innovation, including the development of the front discharge concrete mixer that is now an industry staple. CarbonCure fits within our vision to lead our industry with forward-thinking processes that provide better products for our customers.”

Founded in 1946, imi Concrete operates 155 active ready mix concrete plants across Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee and Ohio.

imi Concrete first installed the CarbonCure Technology at its Whiteland, Indiana plant in July 2017, where it conducted extensive testing. The company initiated its expanded coverage of the carbon-reducing technology with 3 plant installations in November 2018. A further 11 plants are scheduled for installation in early 2019. Developers and contractors will be able to access concrete made with recycled CO2 from select imi Concrete locations by early spring.

Jeff McPherson, VP Sales & Marketing, remarks, “At the end of the day, what matters to our customers is: Does the concrete meet structural performance and construction requirements and does it make good business sense? CarbonCure enables us to produce the same high-quality concrete that our customers have relied on us to provide for the past seven decades, but now with a reduced environmental impact.”

The CarbonCure Technology is available in 126 concrete plants across the United States and Canada. The company recently announced its initial foray into international territories with an additional 3 plant installations at Pan-United, the leading concrete producer in Singapore. CarbonCure is a finalist in the $20 million NRG COSIA Carbon XPRIZE challenge, and has been named a Cleantech Group Global 100 company for the past 3 years.

About CarbonCure Technologies

CarbonCure Technologies Inc. is the global leader in CO2 utilization technologies for the world’s most abundant man-made material: concrete. The retrofit CarbonCure Technology chemically mineralizes waste carbon dioxide during the concrete manufacturing process to make greener and stronger concrete. CarbonCure has partnered with over 100 concrete producers across North America and Asia to create new production cost savings, gain competitive sales advantages, and reduce the carbon footprint of the built environment.

Christie Gamble

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