Make a measurable impact with photon counting sensors that see what matters

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Make a measurable impact with 3D bioprinted human tissues for organ transplants

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Make a measurable impact with stealth silica that digitizes drugs

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Pangaea is a hardtech investor. We invest in start-up companies leveraging advanced materials, novel chemistries, and biology to make our world better by creating products to tackle tough problems such as:

green chemicals in agriculture
NewLeaf Symbiotics
carbon stored in concrete
plant based proteins
Prime Roots
patients waiting for organ transplants
Aspect Biosystems
accurately diagnosing a tumor
Redlen Technologies
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Measure impact to maximize returns

We quantify impact as part of our due dilligence and assessment process, so we understand the magnitude of the problem and the scalability of the solution. By 2030, our portfolio companies will contribute to:


55M tons of CO2 reduced


153B m3 freshwater saved


50M tons more food made


18M lives impacted

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We work closely with our world-leading Strategic Limited Partners who bring diverse market and industry knowledge:

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