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Chitosan leader Tidal Vision acquires ViaeX Technologies Inc.


Tidal Vision Products, Inc., the leading innovator of chitosan chemistry solutions for the water treatment, textiles, and agriculture industries announced today it has acquired ViaeX Technologies Inc., a Bay Area start-up that developed several innovative chitosan-based technologies that displace non-biodegradable and toxic materials with biomolecular solutions for several large industrial applications. As part of the acquisition, Tidal Vision also announced that ViaeX’s CEO and founder, Vivian Qu, has joined the company as Chief Product Officer.

“This is an exciting acquisition for Tidal Vision that will accelerate further developments of chitosan biomolecular solutions in the industries we are already serving and accelerate our impact into new sectors,” said Craig Kasberg, co-founder and CEO of Tidal Vision. “Vivian has advanced chitosan’s use as a fibrous filtration material, bioplastic film, and bio-resins, and has pushed product innovation significantly on those fronts. Her expertise in material science and bioengineering with chitosan and chitosan nanomaterials will help us increase our speed of innovation, and the rollout of new product lines. We couldn’t be more excited to bring Vivian onboard.”

To conduct its groundbreaking research and testing, ViaeX built customized, proprietary lab equipment. Over five years, the company also developed multiple IP's around several technologies relevant to Tidal Vision. Kasberg noted that the acquisition of that lab and its equipment will have several major benefits. First, it will significantly advance the characterization and materials synthesis capabilities at Tidal Vision. Further, it will spur the development of new products and new capabilities to increase Tidal Vision’s core offerings to customers. Now that the company has this additional R&D equipment, it will offer industry research and co-development offerings to companies who can benefit from their technology stack ranging from zero-waste chitosan manufacturing to delivering special biopolymer derivatives. The company has begun to hire additional staff to expand the Development group under Vivian’s expertise and leadership.

“Tidal Vision has developed liquid chitosan biomolecular solutions for water treatment, textiles, and agriculture that are high quality, consistent, customizable, and proven at scale,” said Kasberg. “Vivian has been developing chitosan-based nanotechnology solutions. By matching her expertise to our own, we now have a full suite of products and services to offer our customers that are sustainable, low cost, and convenient for mass adoption.”

As leader of Viaex, Qu collaborated with large corporations on joint developments, and Tidal Vision will continue and expand efforts in those collaborations.

“I am thrilled to join Tidal Vision,” said Qu. “We believe that chitosan has the unique properties and power to change the world. Tidal Vision has momentum and determination to expand the uses of chitosan and I’m excited to be a part of that.”

Tidal Vision’s mission is to create positive and systemic environmental impact. For more information about the company, please visit here.


About Tidal Vision
Tidal Vision is the only vertically integrated chitosan solution manufacturer in the world, and the only commercial-scale chitosan producer in the USA. The company currently employs approximately 40 people and is headquartered in Bellingham, WA. Founded in 2015, Tidal Vision currently operates 83,000 sq. ft of production space in facilities spanning the USA. Tidal Vision's team of chitosan experts serve the textile, water treatment, and agriculture industry with biopolymer solutions formulated to work with their customers' existing infrastructure. The company provides free performance testing services for their customers to ensure an easy transition for companies switching to their non-hazardous biopolymer solutions.

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