Made to measure

Our impact model uses the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a framework to track and measure the impact our portfolio companies are having on the world.

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Our companies use advanced materials to create products that lead to a world with:

less CO2

Companies with technologies that reduce carbon-based energy consumption, improving energy efficiency or lowering embodied energy

+ more water

Companies with technologies that reduce fresh water consumption or produce fresh water

+ more food

Companies with technologies that increase food production using existing resources to provide more food to a growing population, while helping to preserve vital ecosystems

+ more lives impacted

Companies with healthcare technologies that can have a significant impact on patient outcomes while also reducing healthcare costs

What gets measured gets managed

By 2030, our portfolio companies will contribute to:


55M tons of CO2 reduced


153B m3 freshwater saved


50M tons more food made


1.8M quality adjusted life years

Transforming our world with advanced materials

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